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Leadership coaching

Much has been written about coaching leaders. Also about the countless, most conceivable, leadership styles. But which manager fits in a box?

Especially, for you as entrepreneur, manager or professional, it is important that your personality is central during coaching. If you want to excel as a leader, self-knowledge is the pacemaker to get others moving. The natural question arises; how well do you know yourself? But also; who ever mirrors you honestly about your own behavior?

Who is leadership coaching for?

From starting manager to seasoned board member, you can benefit from leadership coaching. For example, you want to qualify yourself in your (new) managerial role, you look for deepening to better express your qualities, or you must lead your team through turbulent times.

As a leader you have many responsibilities. The result counts, so you have to reach the goals set for your team. You know that you will only achieve those goals if your employees perform optimally, are motivated and can make good use of their talents and skills. To lead your team well, it is important to look at your employees, but also at your own behavior.

Leadership coaching by Grow+

Grow+ offers you constructive reflections and concrete tools to increase your action repertoire. The coaching is stimulating and supportive, with respectful confrontations, but always focused on getting the best out of yourself. A tailor-made program in which you learn to fulfill your role as a leader with confidence, relaxation and transparency.

Obviously, leadership coaching at Grow+ does not only look at you as an individual. As a manager you are an important cog in the system of your organization, therefore the entire system, that you are part of will be included.

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