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Grow+ helps entrepreneurs and companies to achieve sustainable growth. The unique collaboration between an experienced interim executive and paranormal Organization psychologist, enables Grow+ to focus on business development and human development. Grow+ distinguishes itself by providing both strategic advice and implementation. Besides the entrepreneur in the mud, that is what Growth + stands for. Or as Steve Jobs described it: 'A consultant can draw a great picture of a banana, but someone who has worked long enough in manufacturing, has also tasted it.'

"Sharp, clear insights. Powerful, immediately put the finger on the sore spot with clear solutions."

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Growth-accelerator plan

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Grow+ and 4 steps to growth

To improve and accelerate results, Grow+ has developed a practical 4-step 'growth-accelerator' plan, from which a thorough market analysis wil map out the growth opportunities. An inventory is made of the current status of the organization, what it takes to take advantage of the growth opportunities and what the difference is between the two. Grow+ takes a practical look at the steps and handles them flexibly. The step-by-step plan supports growth from the existing situation, as well as growth from new products and sales opportunities.

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For whom?


Grow+ was started from the genuine wonder and observation that much potential is left untapped in organizations. Especially, because you can already achieve good results with small improvements. Or even better, olympic athletes go for gold, why would you not do that as a company?


Grow+ focuses on entrepeneurs, executives, directors, managers, owners in start-ups and SMEs with growth potential. The size of your company or organization is irrelevant, but the potential is. Grow + is also for individual professionals, entrepreneurs, executives and managers, who want to use their full potential, inspire their team and achieve more results with less effort.

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The solutions

Interim Management

Sometimes your organization needs (quickly) extra reinforcement; interim management can be a suitable solution for a temporary situation. Grow+ is happy to help you with this.

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Change Management

The world is constantly changing at a rapid pace. Many people want change (of other people) but changing themselves remains difficult. Grow+ has a lot of experience in the implementation of improving changes.

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Experience shows that there is a need of coaching of or advice to key stakeholders (e.g. managers directors, owners and entrepreneurs), before, during and after a change or interim process. Grow+ is happy to help you with the inventory.

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Strategic consulting

'Are we going in the right direction?' For many entrepreneurs, it is difficult to step out of the daily busy activities and answer this question well-founded or implement the corresponding solutions constructively. Grow+ is happy to help you with this.

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Company scan

As an entrepreneur, are you dissatisfied with the current state of affairs within your organization, but you cannot put your finger on the sore spot? The company or business scan is a short intensive investigation into the current bottlenecks and possibilities of your company. Contact Grow+.

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Crisis consulting

Crisis consulting is a short intensive investigation into the bottlenecks and possibilities of your company, focused on how your company can survive the economic crisis. Grow+ can help your company to weather a crisis. Contact Grow+.

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Industrial family production company

For an internationally operating industrial family business of 1200 employees, Gert was responsible as interim Sales Director for a sales, marketing & customer service team with around 75 people. Use was made of both direct sales and through distributors. Together with the shareholders, the team increased the turnover of 95 MEuro in one year by around 10%. The most important accelerator turned out to be a better focus on key accounts and improving the relationship with this. In addition, a number of new product developments such as an IoT solution have contributed to a stronger position in the various markets.

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Willem, 58, Director & owner, sustainable energy

I initially joined Grow+ for coaching after I just got fired and was through quite a bit. I wanted to start my own business, but had no idea where and how. However, it had to be in the sustainable sector. Coaching gave me the confidence and the tools to start. I started but initially this did not work. It was struggling. Then Gert's strategic advice and market analysis helped me to improve direction and to define the right products and services. Gert helped to attract financing. Within a few years I had a successful and fast growing company with 92 employees. I lacked management hands and Gert helped for a while to build the company in a structured way.

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Mark, 49, Director & owner, manufacturing industry

Quite a step for me to seek guidance. I struggled with problems within my company and my family. My company suffered from the economic crisis, in addition I had difficulties handling my son. I had just lost the course. Gert was to-the-point and confronting. He explained my role in the problems they played. He showed me that I am dominant and impatient. Deep inside, I knew she was right. I learned that managing a crisis requires different skills. I started to stand next to my employees instead of shouting at them to improve sales. It gave me space. Together with Gert we have searched and found some crisis solutions; our basic product has been adjusted within three months, so that we can now also sell internationally. It is a shame that I have been waiting so long.

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Start up in energy storage solutions

As interim VP Sales of an international start-up company, 80 people, in the market for sustainable energy storage solutions, Gert and his team achieved strong turnover growth from 1 Meuro to 3.5 Meuro within a year. In addition, the acquisition of a new strategic investor was made possible. The sales strategy, organization and structure have been improved, further expanded and the focus shifted to market segments with more potential.

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Rein, 39, Director & owner, travel industry

After I started my company eight years ago, it had grown particularly strong in recent years. More staff meant a job change for me. I felt more and more manager and less entrepreneur, which I had trouble with. Because I could not find well-trained staff in the Netherlands, we were under pressure and our growth was hampered. Staff was also expensive and there was no money. There was tension between my partner and me. It was difficult to get rid of the problems that played during the day in the evening and sometimes also at night. That's how I came to Grow+. Gert quickly understood the situation, sharp analysis and a creative, concrete solution; redistribute tasks and move IT abroad. Enough available people with knowledge and skills and lower costs.

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International technology & production company

As Managing Director of a subsidiary of an international technology & production company, Gert has achieved strong growth together with a team of more than 400 people, spread over 2 locations in the Netherlands and Germany. Because the core market of the parent company largely disappeared, changes were made. The skills of the employees present were mapped out and, where necessary, nailed to achieve optimum capacity utilization. Business plans for the required millions of investments and revenues have been approved by the board and realized. New machines have been purchased and production has been scaled up quickly and reliably. New markets have been conquered with innovative solutions (services and products) and a focus on acquiring new customers.

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Frits, 49, Director & owner, healthcare

My practice wasn't going well. I had problems with two employees and I noticed a decrease in the turnover of my company. I came in contact with Grow+ through a good friend. With a company scan, Gert was able to quickly clarify the problems and the possibilities. We have made changes with his advice and help. Coaching has improved collaboration with employees. Turnover has increased and there is now more support for my wife's role within the company. Even now that my company is running well again, I sometimes use coaching at Grow+. Gert is superfast in understanding situations and problems, both private and business. His advice is clear and straightforward. I am very happy with it.

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Start-up technology company

As Sr. Director Marketing & Sales at a start-up for charging solutions for electric vehicles, Gert was responsible for the sales and product creation activities. The start-up has been taken over by a multinational. Growth has been realized from 0 Euro to almost 100 MEuro turnover and profitability over a period of approximately 5 years. LoT software services provided a sustainable and increasing income stream. New cloud connected products have been developed for market segments with the greatest potential. Strategic customers have been acquired and there has been close collaboration with them.

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Erik, 41, Director & owner, advertising

I had problems with the management of my company for a while. I actually didn't feel like it anymore. Collaboration with my business partner did not go smoothly and I found managing employees a lot of hassle. A lot of tension and stress. Through coaching at Grow+ I discovered that I prefer to be professionally involved. I wanted to focus on the creative aspects again. That's how I once started. Good strategic advice and a company scan from Gert has helped me to sell my company through a great deal. I am now hired by my own company as a creative director. I have more time for my family and I feel comfortable again.

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Rob, 55, Director & owner, hospitality

" You are a catering man in heart and soul," my wife always says. Well and then you want to grow. Only I didn't know how? Or what? Grow+ has done a company scan. As a result of the company scan with strategic advice, I started a boutique hotel (which I always wanted). It runs like a charm. A super choice. We have also taken a major approach to the existing catering businesses (four restaurants). Gert guided us to implement the changes. Gert works focused, structured and is passionate. Because I had difficulty delegating, expected a lot from my staff and was therefore not always happy, I also started a coaching process. In coaching I got a lot of tools to manage better. I no longer chase my people away with my pent-up irritations (and explosions).

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Daniel, 49, Director & owner, commercial real-estate

I was horribly stressed. Managing people was difficult for me. For this reason I asked my sister to buy part of the business and help me. What I already knew for a long time became clear to me; she took no responsibility. The numbers plummeted. I ended up in a kind of burnout. I wanted to get rid of the whole mess! That's when I came to Grow+. Gerts's coaching has given me a lot of insights into myself, the situation, both business and private. At the same time, Gert carried out a company scan for me. In the end I didn't sell anything, but I did take my sister out of the store and hired a director. Grow+ guided me super throughout the entire process. Sharp, clear insights. Vigorous, the finger was immediately put on the sore spot with clear solutions.

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Harm, 54, Director & owner, installation company

My company was not doing well for a while. My son had stepped in for the purpose of taking over the business. That certainly did not go smooth. I noticed that it was difficult for me to let go of the work and accept his way of doing things. We often disagreed. My wife tried to mediate, but that also led to a fight. Our relationship suffered. Gert has carried out a company scan and with his advice we have implemented changes. We did a lot for the government and have now also attracted private customers. The relationship with my son had already suffered quite a few dents and we each entered a coaching process. Eventually I withdrew from the case and completely handed it over to my son. I am no longer present every day, only when he needs my advice, I still give it.

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Elise, 38, Director & owner, Lifestyle shops

It was hard for me that my mother died way too early. I then had to manage six lifestyle stores with 30 employees. All of a sudden I was alone on my own and in the middle of an economic crisis. I ended up with Grow+ through my network. First of all, I started coaching, which really ensured that I stood more firmly in my shoes and felt more comfortable with a new position. Not only for business but also for my private life I have changed many things and have really grown. The advice helped me to make a number of changes to continue in a healthy way with the company my mother was always so proud of. I bought the properties as an investment (annual costs were much lower, it turned out)and changed many organizational issues. I offered two people who did not comply a package to leave.

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Tim, 40, start-up, care products

During my burnout I started looking for coaching to give my life a different meaning. Gert is very sharp and fast. I was given the tools to get my life back on track. Gert knew that I was an inventor and had developed a cleaning product. However I did not know what to do with it. He pointed out to me that I could put it on the market and he then helped me to start my own company. A business plan, (marketing)advice, etc. Now it has grown into a production company with seven employees and increasing sales and we are still growing!

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Esther, 45, Manager, healthcare

I had been managing a large group of care providers within a care institution for more than 10 years, but I did not feel comfortable there in recent years. I had been looking for coaching for some time and had already had several conversations with various coaches before I ended up with Grow+. Gert gave me what I was looking for. I knew that something prevented me from moving on, but it was unclear what. He showed me that my fear of failure and lack of self-confidence in the relationship with my mother needed to be addressed. This also caused unrest in my relationship with my partner. Gert guided me effectively in this and also motivated me to work as a self-employed person. In the meantime I have my independent management consultancy and within family life I am more myself and I enjoy my life as it is.

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Karel, 54, Business unit manager, multinational

After a long and successful career within a multinational, I ended up in a place where, in my opinion, the Law of Murphy struck. Everything seemed to go wrong. Most of the business lines I managed started to perform poorly due to unexpected high costs, losing large customers and not bringing in planned customers. The new shareholders who had bought the company based on my old plans were 'not amused' and requested rapid improvement. In addition, my boss had pushed me into new business lines (as it turned out with many problems) without informing me of their status fairly and transparently. Gert was initially a good sounding board to give my anger a place and to focus on the future again.

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