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Online marketing advice, online marketing advice for start-ups, freelancers and SMEs

During assignments for SMEs and start-ups we often see that the on-line marketing activity could be improved. On-line marketing is not a stand-alone activity but must be well embedded in the business plan and marketing plan. Online marketing is therefore a subset of marketing and within that social media and website are the most important.

When Online Marketing Advice?

Grow+ can help with on-line marketing advice if the digital / internet sales channel is or will be important for your company and if the revenues are now disappointing. There may be a number of situations where it makes sense to contact Grow+:

  • There are no on-line marketing communications such as a website or social media footprint yet
  • The company wants to grow internationally in countries outside the home market
  • The company wants to grow towards other customer groups than the current customers
  • There are on-line marketing communications, but they are not effective enough (not enough responses)
  • There are enough reactions, but the quality of the reactions is not at the desired level
  • The on-line activities and off-line activities interfere with each other

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