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As an organization, you sometimes (quickly) need extra reinforcement; interim management offers a suitable solution for a temporary situation.

When Interim Management?

  • in case of illness
  • (un) expected reorganization
  • change processes
  • to bridge the fulfillment of a function (e.g family succession), to let them mature and coach the successors
  • to get a project going
  • if within your organization, strategically important things do not get off the ground
  • if the right skills are not present or available

Interim management by Grow+

The interim manager is not a competitor to the current managers / management / owners, but supports them and leaves again. The goal is a good result through close cooperation and a good division of tasks. The great thing about this is, that the interim manager not only strategically analyzes and advises, but also implements. For example, family ties in family businesses may hinder the implementation of necessary decisions.

The interim manager carries out the unpopular aspects of (change) management. The goal is that you, as an SME or start-up entrepreneur, can continue with your company afterwards.

Interim management by Grow+ is useful for strong growth or when the market shrinks. In the latter case, the focus is on returning to the growth path as soon as possible.

Grow+ can provide an interim solution in both situations:

As the organization grows

  • Start new activities
  • Entering new markets
  • Execution and integration of acquisitions
  • Unforeseen Management Changes
  • Disruptive competition

If the market shrinks

  • Loss of large orders or customers
  • Projects are delayed or too expensive
  • Liquidity shortage
  • Employees are dissatisfied
  • Cost increases, price decreases, margin pressure

Gert is an experienced interim manager. In a short time he gets to the heart of issues and achieves goals. This helps organizations quickly get started with complex issues. Gert is strategically strong and has experience in achieving growth through defining and implementing strategies and scaling up companies. Gert also carries out assignments abroad.

More general information about interim management and other solutions offered by Grow+ can be found under interim management.

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