Career and mobility coaching

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Career and mobility coaching

Career coaching at Grow + is an intensive guidance of employees for (re) orientation on career and life issues. Career coaching is also a personal development process in which you acquire in-depth personal insights and self-knowledge. The purpose of career coaching is to promote desirable and sustainable changes in your career.

Career coaching can be life-changing. Researching who you are, what you need and what gives you pleasure in your work, requires courage. You need to look in the mirror and face the (obstructing) forces within yourself.

Some of the themes that can be discussed during career coaching:

  • Who are you? How did you become who you are now? What hinders you? What stimulates you?
  • Inspiration, deep interest and connection
  • Turn insights into action
  • What doesn't feel right in your current job?
  • What is the effect of your behavior on others?
  • Where are your strengths? How can you make your strength, from your less strong sides?

Who is career coaching suitable for?

Career coaching at Grow + is for professionals who are looking for a (new) course and inspiration in work, study or social engagement. For everyone who wants to work in a position that matches your personality, talents and wishes.

Do you regularly ask yourself one or more of the following questions?

  • Am I in the right place (within the organization)?
  • How can I get more challenge in my job?
  • I feel like I have rolled into a job. How do I find out what suits me?
  • I'm going to lose my job. Will I look for the same position or something completely different?

In all of these cases career coaching at Grow + is definitely the right decision for you. You not only gain a lot of new insights, but you are also challenged to look for your passion (s) and to take a suitable (new) direction. Career coaching can improve and strengthen your performance in an existing function and in a new function.

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