Company scan for start-ups and SME companies

Muddling along always costs more!

Gert Miedema | Grow+

Company scan or business scan for start-ups and SMEs

The company scan is a short intensive investigation into the bottlenecks and possibilities of your company. The company scan is a strategic tool and makes sense, if you, as an entrepreneur, investor, board member, director or owner, are dissatisfied with the current state of affairs within your organization, but are unable to pinpoint the problem. Also when you want to grow, but don't know how? offers the business scan solutions.

When to perform a company scan ?

Some examples, when the company scan is useful:

  • You regularly have to adjust the business plans downwards
  • Your company loses market share and customers, without it being clear why?
  • It is difficult to control the costs of your company
  • The 'break-even' point slides further and further, the costs continue and the financiers have to invest money again
  • There are (known) problems, but these remain unresolved for a longer period of time. It is unclear why?
  • Staff motivation is declining and / or people are leaving the company
  • You no longer feel effective, but you do not know exactly why?
  • Executives / employees and / or your business partners are not as effective as you expected. You are not sure why? and how to proceed together
  • You consider a company acquisition and would like to understand the risks

Whatever the reasons, muddling along always costs more than the company scan!

More general information about the company scan at Grow+ can be found under: company scan.

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