After years of experience in solving simple and complex issues regarding business growth, Grow+ has developed a substantiated and practical ‘Growth-accelerator’ 4 step-by-step plan. Through the Grow+ 4 step-by-step plan, Grow+ provides answers to the following questions:

Grow+ uses the steps in e practical was and handles them flexibly. The step-by-step plan supports growth from the existing situation, but also growth from new products and sales opportunities. Grow+ works in an advisory and executive manner , in close collaboration with its customers.


Market-in environmental analysis

Based on informatation of relevant markets and environmental factors (customers, market trends, market segments, potential growth, applications, competition etc.) an analysis is made, regarding the interplay of forces inside and outside the organization. This analysis includes the use of the Five Forces model by Michael Porter.

Porters five forces model


Organizational analysis

An analysis is made of the current status of the organization, what it takes to exploit the growth opportunities and what is the difference between the two.

Some questions that are answered in this step:

  • What makes your organization unique?
  • What are the personal goals of you, as entrepreneur? What are the goals of your organization?
  • Is there sufficient focus to achieve these goals? Are there too many different activities?
  • What are the barriers to exploiting the full potential of your company?
  • What adjustments are needed?
  • What does this mean for finance, revenue model, leadership, customers and employees?
  • Which steps should be taken in the short term? Which in the longer term?

In this planning phase, SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunitie, threats) analysis is used, with emphasis on the internal organizational analysis; weaknesses and strengths of the organization. After this step, there is sufficient information to make strategic plans and update existing plans:

  • Business plan
  • Financing Plan
  • Marketing plan
  • Business Strategy
  • Vision and mission
  • Product roadmap
Brandenburger new SWOT model


Determining, implementing and evaluating a new direction

During this phase, the plans are implemented. It is important to create support. To this end, we work closely with entrepreneurs, investors, management and employees. This ensures involvement in, among other things, the selection and prioritization of actions and the establishment of performance indicators (KPI's).

This is also the step that organizations often find the most difficult. It raises questions such as:

Ultimately everyone is on board and participates. The tasks are divided and performed. Until the right direction has been taken and everyone has found his / her adapted place in the organization, an iterative evaluation will take place. The process is improved during this evaluation. Implementing the right strategy is therefore not a static but a dynamic process.


Consolidating improvements and results

Consolidation takes place during the final step. The results improve over time. Employees will realize their own potential within the improved organization. From now on, the entrepreneur must keep the ship on the new course. Grow+ can keep supporting you with coaching.


Grow+ works together with various professional partners, each with their own expertise. This in case complementary support is needed to achieve the best results.

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