About us

About us

Gert Miedema | interim manager | change manager

Ir. Gert Miedema, MBA

An experienced MD / GM / CCO / VP Sales / Commercial director in the field of transitions and realizing (international) growth within start-ups, family businesses and multinationals. Gert has extensive experience in commercial management, marketing, product development, implementing innovations and changes, improving strategies. As MD / VP sales, he has led organizations in various markets: industry, medical, consumer electronics, machine / system construction, energy, production, transport, telecom, oil & gas, semiconductor, high-tech, automotive and technical services.

Gert (University Twente: Electrical Engineering, RSM: MBA) has been responsible for the realization of sustainable growth through various organic transformations, acquisitions, divisions and reorganisations. In recent years, as an independent interim manager, he has carried out various interim assignments with companies active in the marketing of sustainable technological solutions.

With a focus on business creation processes and adding value, Gert can quickly identify areas for improvement. He knows how to maintain an overview, has strong analytical and strategic skills and has the ability to identify and estimate appropriate risks. Gert has worked closely with financial and strategic investors. Because of his broad experience, Gert can easily work with different levels within an organization.

He is passionate, expert and results-oriented. Gert helps you step by step in implementing powerful, smart solutions and changes. High quality, a personal approach and continuity are paramount.

Bernadette van Wouw | coach | adviser

Drs. Bernadette van Wouw

Bernadette van Wouw is an experienced expert in coaching and advising managers, entrepreneurs and other professionals from both profit and non-profit organizations, including various SMEs. As a business manager, Bernadette has led projects including change management, strong organic growth, reorganisations and international expansion. Bernadette is able to get the most out of motivated and intelligent people. Her unique style is clear, powerful and surprising.

Bernadette has already guided many (executive) managers, entrepreneurs and other professionals to a more successful and happier professional and personal life. In addition to being a coach and senior psychologist, Bernadette is also psychic gifted. Thanks to this talent, she is able to work strongly in a result-oriented manner and to give you quickly relevant insights into your personality, qualities and possibilities, your pitfalls and obstacles and the interactions with your environment (work and private).

After a career in business, Bernadette completely changed course years ago. At the time, she sold her house and started studying psychology at Utrecht University. After three and a half years she graduated Cum Laude.

In 2007 Bernadette started her Coaching & Advice Organization and her Psychology Practice. Besides having earned her spurs in business, psychology and science, Bernadette is also psychic gifted. Bernadette was confronted with this talent from an early age, which she developed over the years to apply it in a targeted manner.

In her independent practices, Bernadette was increasingly discovered by (executive) managers, entrepreneurs and other professionals. Her high pace of thinking and working, down to earth mentality and drive, proved to be decisive in this and provide a natural click.

Bernadette is Registered Psychologist NIP, Registered Psychologist Work and Health NIP and Organizational Psychologist.

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