Crisis consulting

Grow+ guides your company through a crisis

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Crisis consulting for start-ups and SME companies

Crisis consulting at Grow+ is aimed at guiding your company through a crisis or preventing an impending business crisis due to, for example, an economic recession. Crisis consulting is a short intensive investigation into the bottlenecks and possibilities of your company.

When crisis consulting?

The world economy is moving in cycles, with economic growth alternating with economic contraction. It has been economic law that a period of growth of seven to eight years is alternated with economic decline.

Consequences of a crisis for your company

The consequences of an economic crisis are often serious. Regularly resulting in bankruptcy of a company. After all, a recession is a 'perfect storm' in which the most relevant parameters of the business model can deteriorate at the same time. Certainly when hardly any improvement occurs for a few years.

  • The demand for products / services suddenly drops
  • Financing options are severly limited and expensive (interest rates on new loans rise)
  • Customers pay their bills later or not at all
  • Suppliers demand higher prices, better payment conditions or go bankrupt
  • Sales prices and margins are falling
  • Costs are rising

However, during an economic downturn, opportunities can arise. Companies that are sufficiently liquid will be offered wonderful opportunities for acquisitions or to gain market share.

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