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Coaching at Grow+ focuses on self-insight and solutions. Grow+ gives you in-depth and refreshing insights. Insights, that are expressed in your thinking, feeling and acting. This gives you insight into yourself, your interactions with your environment, obstructing patterns and how to deal with them. You learn about your strengths and weaknesses, your talents and pitfalls. From here you learn to make conscious choices; in balance with your thinking and the signals from your body. As a result, your strength will be more and more expressed in your performance and your talents can fully develop.

Coaching at Grow+ is based on various movements, including existentialism (positive psychology). This movement assumes that self-actualization leads to an optimal balance. People in optimal balance can perform almost effortlessly.

Some topics that may be covered during coaching:

  • What are my qualities and pitfalls?
  • Gaining more insight into your strengths and weaknesses
  • How can I develop a better leadership style?
  • How can I motivate my team(s) and employees to achieve better results?
  • How can I better deal with stressful situations?
  • Sparring insight into situations and solving problems based on practical situations
  • How do I find a healthy balance between control / delegating?
  • How to find optimal inspiration in work and life?
  • How do I get a grip on a rapidly changing situation, such as a reorganization, merger or crisis?
  • How do I, as an enthusiastic entrepreneur, spouse and parent, make the right choices and can I stay vital?
  • What is holding me back from taking the next step in my entrepreneurship?
  • How can I deal more effectively with my colleague / business partner?

For whom?

Coaching is suitable for ambitious people who want to use their full potential and want to make an optimal career. For conscious leaders who want to achieve more results with less power. For ambitious entrepreneurs who want to take the next step. For executives and managers who want to be inspiring for their people.

Some examples where coaching helps you:

  • When you want to improve your performance
  • If you want to discover your needs, passions, talents and abilities
  • When you are curious about your possibilities and untapped resources
  • If you dare to face the bottlenecks
  • If you want to explore your career potential and related dilemmas
  • In case you, as professional, suffer from stress or your work is not going well

Do you ever wonder if it will ever get better? Time and time again it turns out to be the case during a coaching process. Coaching is much more achievable than you think beforehand.

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