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Strategy consulting for start-ups and SMEs

How do you define a successful strategy? How do you ensure that it is fully implemented in your organization? For many entrepreneurs it is difficult to step out of the daily busy activities and answer those questions or to implement the corresponding solutions constructively.

  • Are you sure you are heading in the right direction with your company?
  • As a start-up or SME entrepreneur, do you still have the time to act as an entrepreneur?
  • When did you last investigate what your market share is and whether you can still make sufficient margin with your business in the coming years?
  • Perhaps even more important; Have any threats (read new products and / or services) come on the market that endanger the continuity of your start-up or SME business?
  • There has been strong economic growth since 2009, but what are the consequences for your company if there is a new recession?

Often as an entrepreneur you already have a kind of uncomfortable feeling, but that cannot be made specific. When strategic plans have already been made, there is often a gap between the predetermined and realized goals. The goals can be too optimistic or the path towards them has not given the desired results. The focus may also have shifted too much to operational tasks and the focus on goals has weakened. Regularly a strategy is insufficiently embedded in the organization.

Powerful future-proof course

Grow+ is an expert and is pragmatic in the field of strategy. Organizations are assisted in solving strategic issues by translating them into practice. We help you to set a strong future-proof course, focused on growth.

Grow+ helps you get answers to questions such as:

  • Which competitive goals can you achieve?
  • What are the most important developments in your industry?
  • What is the current positioning and change potential of your organization?
  • Which actions contribute to achieving your goals faster and which ones do not?
  • What needs to change?

Strategy consulting by Grow+

Strategy consulting at Grow+ usually starts with a Company scan . Grow+ uses among others the 5 Forces model by Michael E. Porter and the SWOT analysis (see Approach) . (Adapted) plans follow from the analysis, including a business plan.

The consult is practical and results-oriented so that it can be implemented immediately in start-ups and SMEs. Grow+ also helps you implement the improvements that follow.

You can find more general information about strategy consulting at Grow+ under strategy consulting . Please feel free to Contact us. We are happy to explain!

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