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In present time high demands are placed on productivity. To be able to continuously respond and anticipate developments within and outside the organization, managers are expected to be creative in spirit. Being able to handle changes and delivering performance is essential.

Management coaching at Grow+

Based on situations from your daily working life, during management coaching at Grow+ you get to know your strengths and weaknesses, in relation to your functioning within the organization. You will acquire self-knowledge and skills, which will enhance your management qualities. You sharpen to focus by self-knowledge and fundamental insights; awareness and knowledge of your behavior within the organization contribute to optimizing performance.

Some questions that may be addressed during management coaching:

  • How can I improve my performance as a director / manager?
  • How do I find a healthy balance between control / delegating?
  • How do I improve my management skills?
  • As an entrepreneur, I need to develop my leadership qualities. How do I do that?
  • How do I help employees make a difference in their professional development?
  • How can I improve employee performance?
  • How do I increase ownership of team members in a project?
  • What makes co-operation and communication with some colleagues & large customers sometimes difficult?
  • Does the culture of my organization match the management style of the managers?

During management coaching, the culture within the organization is also examined and whether it fits the management style of the managers. Grow+ can quickly indicate where improvements can be made to improve results.

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